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Transform maths learning with Blueberry Math!

Immerse yourself in a unique educational experience with our space adventure: exciting challenges for students and a complete change to the way of learning mathematics.
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What’s Blueberry Math?

Blueberry Math is a gamified math platform that provides adaptive and personalized learning to students in grades 1-6.
Backed by best practices in neuroeducation, Blueberry Math combines gamification with technology to ensure that every student assimilates and retains concepts effectively.
It provides learners with the content they really need to practice, always aligned to curriculum standards, and promotes solid, long-lasting study habits that lay a strong mathematical foundation for future success in the subject.
Whether in the classroom or at home, Blueberry Math fits seamlessly into any learning environment, providing teachers with the tools to monitor their students' progress and intervene at the right time and with the right information.
15 minutes of daily practice

A complement to playful learning in the classroom and at home!

Thanks to the best practices in neuroscience, with just 15 minutes of daily practice, primary school students will strengthen their mathematical knowledge.
Organization of the curriculum

All mathematics in a single universe

The activities are aligned with the curriculum of the subject. Geometry, statistics, operations... no area is excluded!

Effective learning and entertainment

Supporting teachers in their task of catering to the diversity of each classroom, our algorithms create personalised learning paths with challenging activities adapted to each student.
We believe that mistakes are always learning opportunities. That is why each activity instantly provides detailed feedback or a step-by-step breakdown of the resolution that helps the student understand their mistake and move forward.
We connect mathematics with real, day-to-day situations for students. In this way, we make their learning effective and their understanding of the activity applicable to their daily lives.
We foster a collaborative environment in which students can learn together and compete as a group, promoting teamwork and motivation.
The wide variety of activities, gamified elements, interactivity and rewards make up a fun experience without compromising pedagogical effectiveness.
Follow-up and evaluation

Measurable progress

Diagnostic reports simplify the tracking of students’ results and analyse individual as well as group progress, and establish a fast and effective communication channel.

The Science behind

the screen

Desired difficulty

The level of the activities is adapted so that the student finds it challenging, but achievable so as not to become frustrated.

Real-life situations

Besides facilitating the student's quick identification of the context, they make learning more enjoyable and applicable in everyday life.

Spaced practice

Algorithms ensure that the learner reviews previously mastered concepts to ensure long-term retention.

Forgetting curve

Once a concept is learned, it needs to be reviewed and practised so that it is not forgotten.

Advanced knowledge monitoring

Progress reports collect the insights of the learning process and allow filtering by unit, lesson, knowledge component or result of each class and student.

Collaboration with schools and teachers to keep improving

We are in constant contact with educational agents to be able to adjust as best as possible to their real needs.

Individual knowledge map

The student works through the content of the subject by means of their own itinerary that advances according to their progress.