A space adventure to learn mathematics

Blueberry is a platform for children from 6 to 12 years old to learn mathematics knowledge on their own in a simple way.

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The Game

Kids are challenged

We make their learning challenging and motivating, not too difficult so that they don't get frustrated.



It is scientifically proven that knowledge is long-lasting when we learn while having fun, and so we motivate children while practicing maths.

Training on mistakes

Error processing

When mistakes are made, we not only correct them but also explain their origin and divide the activity into steps, which facilitate knowledge acquisition.


Artificial intelligence

Our algorithms generate infinite random activities for each learning objective. Blueberry tracks knowledge and adapts the path of each student according to their performance.

Education and Technology
Curricular content
Our content covers the curriculum design; we have a multitude of templates with which children can interact and learn in different ways, taking into account their age
We believe it is very important to encourage critical thinking, so our activities offer real cases for children to see the value of mathematics and learn things that are useful for their daily lives.
Each child can progress at their own pace just by practising a few minutes a day, and if there is something they don't understand, we will explain it to them!
Security and devices
Available for tablets and computers. A safe space for your child to play and you don't have to worry about anything. No distractions or ads.
Forgetting curve
We must work on memory to ensure that what is learnt is not forgotten over time. We encourage the practice of concepts that have already been learnt over time, and prevent the child from forgetting them.
Learning mathematics is not easy, we evaluate learning in different cognitive processes to make it efficient, enjoyable, progressive and solid.
You can have up to 4 players per account
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